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PURPOSE While this product is gaining popularity, we are receiving a number of requests for information about local stores. This has been of particular interest with customers outside USA, where shipping costs are substantial. We are in process of compiling a list of resellers who want to be included in our website list.
HOW IT WORKS. We provide a sample lot which we can ship (prepaid) to approved clients and include a packing slip showing the invoice. This will stay in client's inventory ready for resale.
A new consignment package may be reordered; the new order shall include payments for previous shipment.
INITIAL SAMPLE. Includes quantity 10 VSP Classic ($ 89.00), the Sound Post Mate and quantity 2 model SM- Cello ($ 23.72), Total $ 120.72. Client responsible for payment after goods are sold.
Higher quantities, including greater discounts are always available in our Volume Price Page.
<TO PARTICIPATE> Please fill the form and include comments about your company or operation. After verification we shall ship the first sample lot. By filling out the form client agrees to above procedure.

DEALER STARTER consignment program
Additional Consignment Kit, $ 120.72
10 VSP Classic and 2 SM- Cello
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