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 $ 69.95  0.9Lb
SM-SAW Convenient fine tooth saw , works great with SM-BLOCK              $   $ 9.95  0.5 lbs
SM-L3 Inspection light   $16.99 .05Lb
Convenient Cutting block and saw guide
The 4 .25 x 1.5 inches
Hand held Saw Guide, straddles the sound post and helps accurate cut when using fine tooth saw.
Model VSP-Block and VSP-Guide
Works best when used with VSP Sound Post Gauge


Sound post marking line is engraved at block face.Best procedure is to add about 3.5" of 1" masking tape across the length of cutting block, then a line is drawn to show where the sound post should be placed, which is the line running exactly through the middle of the sound post mounting line.
Two points indicating length of sound post are drawn. Finally lines showing measured  angles are drawn to show where saw guide must be positioned 
Two pins when matched to holes drilled in the work table 
allow firm position of cutting block.
The pins can be removed if cutting block is held on flat surface.
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SM-BLOCK-Standard or Plus Cutting Block and guide
SM-BLOCK-Standard Block and guide
$ 19.93 0.5L
SM-BLOCK-Standard is recommended for violin owners and teachers. the tool is made from aluminum, can be used occasionally many... many times over.
For luthiers, who may need to cut sound posts on daily basis we recommend SM-BLOCK-Plus, whch is made of non magnetic stainless steel.
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Standard Spruce Sound Post Blank
Nominal aprox 6mm $ 0.80
Selected Spruce Sound Post Blank
High grain density >30 gpi $ 3.99