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VSP-PRO-2Plus  Patented Sound Post Inserter / Setter / Remover
 Handle arm includes extension that can be lowered to point above the Sound Post.  The frame of each unit is individually adjusted to ensure accurate location of Sound Post. This is particularly   useful when using our Sound post  Gauge.
 Suggested List Price $ 18.95
All models use he same the same spring type cradle. After sound post placement further pressure deflects the spring allowing removal of the tool. Increasing pressure on the spring will not force the sound post to a new location.
 VSP-PRO-2 offers heavier frame, thus the tool can be made bigger, more accurate and easier to maneuver, especially when violin bridge is in place. Recommended for someone who resets sound post on regular basis.
Basic Tool Concept
 A violin sound post setter tool that is user friendly. This patented tool holds the sound post securely in cradle  of the tool until it is ready to be set in new position. The holding clamp is made of very thin metal thus it makes it easy to insert the sound post through the f-hole. Because of unique design the tool can be used to grab the sound post and set it in a new location. The cradle of the tool is offset and unique shape of handle stem allows dual reach so the tool can be used for setting the sound post  in a smaller size violin as well as in viola. Unique handle design allows easy control, the tool handle end is formed to point to the sound post in tool cradle.
VSP-PRO2-R Is a mirror copy of our most popular Model VSP-PRO2. It can be used in conventional way on left handed violin. It can also be used in normal violin if tighter insertion force is required, because the cradle does the pushing it may improve accuracy, but  it may be hard to use as remover.
Using VSP-PRO2-R in conventional violin.
 When used in normal violin with conventional sound post position, the higher pressure may be applied to the Sound Post by the stiffer cradle portion of the tool. This can help more accurate sound post positioning (in standard tool flexible spring plate provides setting force)
 However, when withdrawing the tool, to open the clamp pressure is applied by spring side of the tool, which will tend to push the sound post towards violin center, thus tending to dislodge the sound post. The tool can be modified by bending the spring lip to more open initial position, thus reducing the clamp pressure during withdrawal of the tool. Modifying the tool this way may void our warranty.
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