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Most friendly Sound Post Tool 
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The 21st Century Sound post Setter, Inserter Remover Easy to use,
 Works with most size Violins and Viola
Basic Tool Concept
 Sound post setter tool that is user friendly. This patented tool holds the sound post securely in cradle  of the tool until it is ready to be set in new position. The holding clamp is made of very thin metal thus it makes it easy to insert the sound post through the f-hole. Because of unique design the tool can be used to grab the sound post and set it in a new location. The cradle of the tool is offset and unique shape of handle stem allows dual reach so the tool can be used for setting the sound post  in a smaller size violin as well as in viola. Unique handle design allows easy control, the tool handle end is formed to point to the sound post in tool cradle.
VSP-Classic Inserter/Remover/Setter
If you are violin owner, Violin Teacher or student
Store owner with violins or Average violin player
More than likely these are the only tools you will ever need to keep your violin in proper playing condition.

Whenever you need to change strings, Bridge or Tail Piece, or simply loosen strings for shipping, there is always a chance the violin sound post will get loose and fall inside the sound Box.
VSP-Classic Inserter/remover/setter helps do the job easier and faster than any other tools (including much more expensive). Whenever work needs to be done with loose strings, the inserter/remover can lock on to sound post, and keep holding it until the job is done. Even if sound post does get loose, it will be held securely until it is ready to be reset.
Classic Setter alone

Violin owner.........Sooner or later you will need one
Music  teacher.....You should have one
Luther............. ....You probably have one already
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For Violin and Viola
For 5 to 7 mm post
For Cello
 10 mm or 3/4 inch post