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violin tools from R25
violin tools K&KS
Same tool is used on up to 16 inch Viola
 For Collo Use larger tool.
 Follow same procedure.
Turn the handle clockwise to dislodge the sound post. Only slight pressure should be needed to loosen the sound post. Excessive pressure may damage the tool. If the sound post is jammed too tight, first loosen it with another tool. Bring the sound post to F-hole, remove the sound post and withdraw the tool.
r25002004.jpg r25002003.jpg r25002002.jpg
1. Do not loosen the strings. Insert the Tool inside violin.post and withdraw the tool.
2. Turn the Tool such that the spring lip touches the back of the sound post. Turn further to open the clamp. Move towards the sound post to align the sound post with the cradle. Release the pressure to lock the sound post in the tool.violin.post and withdraw the tool.
3 Completely loosen the strings to remove ALL pressure on the sound post. Bridge may also be removedpost and withdraw the tool.